As per usual, we had a ton of fun and laughs with Frank and Liz 🤪 Food, shopping and touring beautiful Olympia.

On Eld Inlet, but Mt. Rainier is hiding behind the clouds

Did you knew that the Capital of Washington State is Olympia, not Seattle? Lucky for us, Frank and Liz are both former employees of the State and used to work at the Capital Building! So, not only did we have a private tour, we got the inside scoop on everything!

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and the grounds were absolutely beautiful.

Apparently, so many people were rubbing the nose of George Washington for good luck, that they had to rope him off and you can only take a photo of him now!

George Washington

While wandering the halls of the Capital Building, we had a chance encounter with a High School buddy of Adam Sandler, and they played in a band together! We consider that our celebrity sighting, since we didn’t get to rub George Washington’s nose 😎

The actual sign we saw while driving through Oregon!

We are currently in Ashland, Oregon on our way to California to spend the weekend with Joseph and Hannah in Half Moon Bay.

As we drove through Oregon

10 thoughts on “Olympia”

  1. Thank you hojo adventures ! I have to say great job so far so exciting to see your photos and hear about everything thanks for sharing❤️🎶😘

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  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Washington. I lived in Washington, D.C. for a year and the cherry blossom time was amazing!

    This is really cool that we get to have this blog, thanks for doing it Joanne.

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  3. Happy to share the beautiful Washington State Capitol with our beautiful Canadian friends. It was a trip to the past that we haven’t thought of for some time and I was amazed and flattered you found it interesting and entertaining. Any other tourists looking for a personalized tour aka Mendizabal, we are most willing to provide these that. Keep on cruising 😍

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