Family Time in California

We arrived to the San Francisco Bay Area, after what seemed like a very long, dreary, wet drive! It poured rain so hard that at times the road was barely visible! But the sun finally did come out, and we had some beautiful views of the coast.

Just about to cross the Golden Gate Bridge

We pulled in to the Half Moon Bay RV Park, and within minutes, our son Joseph and daughter-in-law Hannah, were there to greet us! We got all set up then went into the quaint town of Half Moon Bay for a wonderful Italian dinner and visit. The kids live in Sunnyvale, which is part of Silicon Valley and about 40 minutes away from where we’re parked. They both work in Palo Alto.

The town of Half Moon Bay

Friday morning we awoke to a very rainy, miserable day, which was absolutely perfect for a trip to a museum!

We spent hours at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. It was funded by Bill Gates and brings computer history to life and shows the ongoing impact of computing on society. It was really interesting and amazing to see how far computers have come.

Hannah and Joseph

After we closed down the museum, we went out for dinner then a visit with our Grandkitties!

Saturday, the weather cleared enough for us to go for a nice walk along the coast in Half Moon Bay. We walked more than 4 miles and ended up in town for a late lunch and a stop at the bakery 😎 It was a great day!

Sunday, unfortunately Hannah had to work, so it was just us with Joseph! We needed a few things for Monty and had some shopping to do, so it was errand day.

No trip is complete without a stop at Home Depot

We went to Santana Row in San Jose, which is a beautiful outdoor mall. The parkade has at least 50 stalls dedicated to Tesla drivers so they can charge their cars while they shop!

One of these is not like the others!

We had so much fun spending time with Joseph and Hannah, and it’s really hard to say goodbye, but we must continue our adventure!

Mother and Son 💕

13 thoughts on “Family Time in California”

  1. We have enjoyed keeping up with you two. Thanks for the fun posts. Seems like everything is going as hoped. I am off to Rancho La Puerta (Tecate Mexico) with Melissa on Friday for a week. We have settled into a calm routine here and all is well. Half Moon Bay looks wonderful. So glad you had such a happy time with Joseph and Hannah. Love Us Both

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  2. Keep those great pictures coming! There is nothing more gratifying then being with family! If you go to the John mear forest please take lots of pictures for me please.say hi to your kids for me. Nicole is writing finals and we are packing. Love MONK

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  3. We are having such a great time on our road trip. When we said that it was raining on our drive that doesn’t really say it all. Watching the vehicles just 50 feet in front of you disappear in vapour mist with rock faces on your right and cliffs on your left, you really have to trust that the brake lights in front are going in the right direction and you can’t stop and pull over cause there is no where to pull over. But as fast as the downpour starts its over.
    The first photo on this blog as we prepare to go across the Golden Gate Bridge, puts all of your senses on high alert and you feel keenly aware of everything until you get stuck in traffic on the other side.
    Thanks again Hannah and Joseph for hanging out with us!


  4. Hey that sound like fun even with the rain.🥰 Hi to Joseph and Hannah😘Moloka is hot feels like shit but beautiful. Miss you guys sending our love to our traveling family.😍

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  5. Hi guys!

    Sounds like you had a great time in San Francisco area with your family.

    The weather here in Kelowna is getting nicer every day, even though this morning it was about 0 degrees.

    A sure sign that spring is here is that the outdoor farmers market started on Saturday morning; did I go, not this week, maybe next week. Because before long, there will be fresh asparagus and all that good stuff.

    On your travels, you will have to make sure to go to Washington D.C and spend times in the museums there, they are wonderful!

    Have a great week!

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  6. Looks like a great time so far. Nice to be with family. Half moon bay looks beautiful. Rain or shine enjoy your time. Grand adventures are always fun.

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