2 Utes in Parts Unknown

It was a relatively short drive from Las Vegas to St. George, Utah. The scenery was stunning and made for a very pleasant drive. Due to the amount of snow at the higher elevations, many RV parks were closed still for the season, which made it difficult to book into the parks we had hoped for due to overwhelming demand. Also were surprised to find there is open Camping south of St. George off the highway, if you’re willing to go without services. We were fortunate to get a spot on a cancellation and were very happy to make St. George our home base, with a great location for day trips, without Monty!

St. George was named in honor of Mormon apostle George A, Smith, also known as the ‘Potato Saint’ and is the childhood home of Brigham Young. We stayed at Temple View RV Park. We didn’t have a view 😉 but the temple was very beautiful.

St. George, Utah Temple

It was an interesting morning when we awoke to find our fridge not working! We have warranty, which would be awesome if we could get someone to look at it, or get it in to an RV dealer. After calling and leaving messages with several mobile service RV technicians, the next step was the local dealerships. No problem, if we didn’t mind waiting a bit – the first appointment available was May 15th!

Nothing we could do except hope a technician called back, put bowls of ice in the fridge and freezer, then go exploring! We drove to Snow Canyon State Park, which is named for a Utah pioneer, not due to the weather conditions. Several movies were filmed here, such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!

It was absolutely stunning and we went for a hike to the White Rocks Amphitheater. We also saw Black Rocks and Red Rocks!

We were almost finished our hike when we received a call from one of the technicians we had left a message with – he was willing to stop by and have a look at our fridge!!! Long story short, a temperature sensor replaced and we’re good as new 👍

If you look closely enough at the last 2 photos, you’ll see a trail in the valley bottom. We loved Snow Canyon so much that we went back again another day with our bikes! The next photo is us at the bottom of the canyon looking up at the spot we’re at in the above photos.

Not a bad place to spend the afternoon on our bikes 😎

Nice View for Lunch

On Saturday, us and a gazillion other people (ok, to be fair, probably not a gazillion, but it sure felt like it 🤪) headed to Zion National Park! Unfortunately, the scenic route was closed due to a rock slide, and there was no other vehicle access except for the park shuttle buses.

And, with a gazillion people there, the shuttle lines were at least an hour long! After trying to find parking for half and hour, of course we were going to stand in the shuttle line up . . . NOT. So, we walked on a trail for a few miles until we came to a shuttle stop that only had a short line, so, standing room only, we rode it to the end where the Narrows Trail starts.

View from the Pa’rus Trail along the Virgin River

The Narrows were awesome, although walking the path with all our fellow tourists took a bit of the natural element away.

The Narrows
Squirrel 🤪

Our cameras can not do justice to the incredible beauty of Utah. As the sun moves, the colors on the rocks change and it is awe inspiring. We have really enjoyed our visit here.

11 thoughts on “2 Utes in Parts Unknown”

  1. Oh my gosh you guys! Your adventure looks amazing. I love Utah. Make sure you get to Bryce Canyon and get your bikes to Moab.

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  2. We’ll be in Zion on Apr 25 so will follow in your ‘foot steps’ anxious now to visit [except for the gazillions of people] hearing & seeing your pictures ! Thanks & continue on your wonderful adventure travel safe…xxoo

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