We got off the Tourist Trail and as we entered South Western Louisiana, we joined the Boudin Trail 😜 Since this involved food, and not people, we were definitely on board! Boudin (pronounced BOO-DAN) is made with ground pork, rice, onion, green peppers, and Cajun spices and seasonings. The flavor-intense ingredients are then stuffed into casings and steamed, or rolled into round balls (almost like croquettes) to be deep fried, grilled, or slow-smoked to perfection. The balls we had, were stuffed with pepper jack cheese, and were ooey-gooey good!!!

Our first night in New Orleans, we were immediately immersed into the music scene and had an entertaining evening of Ethiopian Jazz! Our friend Max (who happens to be an awesome drummer) is in a band called Afrodeziac, and they had a gig at a hole in the wall bar off Frenchmen Street. Frank and Liz are joining us here in NOLA 🤪 Ok, they’re actually here to visit their son, Max, but the fun and laughs have already begun!

Tuesday, we took the trolley to the French Quarter and just wandered around. A lot of options centered around food, of course! We started with Beignets – an amazing icing sugar donut – then had a fill of Gumbo and Jambalaya 😜 A quote from Max’s friend, Elliot, ‘there are 300 restaurants in New Orleans, and 1 menu’ – meaning you’ll always find Gumbo and Jambalaya!

Max joined us and became our local tour guide 😎 It was pretty special to have him drive us around and show us his favourite spots. He took us to a really beautiful cemetery, that was free to walk through since they charge for many of the touristy ones now! Because of the high water table, there can’t be any burials in the ground, so the mausoleums are made of granite and stone and are quite lovely.

We also went to ‘the other side of the end of the world’ where the Industrial Canal meets the Mississippi River. It had a great view of downtown New Orleans.

We came back to Monty to show them around our RV Park, as we’re located on the south side of lake Pontchartrain and they hadn’t been here.

April 24th – Happy 54th Birthday Henry 🎉 Started with brunch at the Trolley Car Cafe then headed to the town of Westwego to board our AirBoat for a Swamp Tour!

It was a lot of fun and we saw several alligators, turtles, blue heron and a snake! The Cypress trees with the Spanish moss hanging from them were really beautiful and the roots sticking out of the water are called Cypress Knees. Because the trees are termite resistant, they were the main wood used for building New Orleans. But unfortunately, the sap is highly flammable and caused some major fires in the city.

One of the alligators we saw is named ‘Winky’, who only has one good eye. They estimate he’s about 70 years old, 14 feet long and about 900 pounds!

Winky jumping for chicken!

We stopped by Loyola University, where Max is working on his Master’s Degree in Music Therapy, to have a tour around. It’s a beautiful campus, and of course, we had to have fun photos in front of the statue known as ‘Touchdown Jesus’ 😁

Cocktails at the Carousel Bar in Hotel Monteleone, where you sit at the bar and it rotates slowly around. Lots of fun and really hard to snag a seat – all those tourists 😉 Dinner was at the restaurant in the hotel – Criolla – really good. We finished the evening at Harrah’s Casino! Henry had an amazing birthday!

Our last day in New Orleans we experienced a good ol’ Louisiana Storm – thunder, lightening, pouring rain! It was so dark out, hard to believe it was daytime! The sun came out in the afternoon, so we ventured out and wandered along Bourbon, Magazine, Royal and Canal Streets in the French Quarter.

We celebrated Frank’s Birthday at a fabulous restaurant in the French Quarter, called The Pelican Club, then said our goodbyes 😢 We had an awesome time in New Orleans and really appreciate Max playing tour guide with us, and Frank and Liz showing us around! What an amazing and wild city 😜

4 thoughts on “NOLA”

  1. This is so good! And fun to read! I feel like I was there. Well, I was, in New Orleans. I also loved the Utah and Canyon Country entry, and look forward with great anticipation to more (vicarious) adventures. You two are the best! Keep going!

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  2. Happy Birthday Henry, what a great place to celebrate that special day. It is so great to see you and hear all about the travels and the food. Enjoy!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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