A Stone, A Rock(y), A Bell and A Beach

Our first few days in New Jersey didn’t go quite as planned. We had an un-invited guest join our adventure and Joanne was not a very happy camper 😳. ‘Sidney the Kidney’ Stone was on the move! It was a rough couple of days with a visit to a nice hospital in Woodbury and some really good drugs, but Sidney is now history! 🎉 No surgery needed as he came out on his own, Joanne is doing well 👍 and our journey continues! No need to worry, this is not the first Sidney (#14 to be exact) nor will it be the last, and we have great travel insurance, so all is good!

The drugs are working 👍

We’re staying at a campsite in Clarksboro, New Jersey which is just across the River from Philadelphia, and once Joanne was ready, back into Pennsylvania we went. We were supposed to spend a few days in Philadelphia, but thanks to Sidney, we only had one day, so we made the best of it. Our priorities were simple – Rocky and the Liberty Bell!

We did the usual and got on the Hop On Bus and toured around Philadelphia. We got off at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to check out Rocky, and be the typical tourists and run up the stairs for our own Rocky re-enactment. 🤪 Well, at least Henry did!

The Rocky statue was used in the 1982 movie of Rocky III and was left at the top of the stairs near the Museum. Apparently the museum didn’t think it was ‘art’ so had it removed to The Spectrum hockey arena. When the arena was torn down for redevelopment, Rocky was moved back to the Art Museum but in a new location, not at the top of the stairs! Other than the Liberty Bell, Rocky is the most visited site in Philly.

Next stop, the Liberty Bell. The original bell arrived from England in 1752 but was not hung in the steeple of the State House (now Independence Hall) until 1753. It cracked almost right away, so two local men from Philly melted it down and recast it, twice! There were always hairline cracks that were fixed, but in 1846, the crack was too large and the tone was lost, so the bell was no longer used.

The Liberty Bell gained iconic importance when abolitionists in their efforts to put an end to slavery throughout America, adopted it as a symbol. The quotation engraved in it is from Leviticus 25:10 – ‘ Proclaim Liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.’

We then toured the Congress Hall and Independence Hall. Congress Hall served as the temporary Capitol while the permanent Capitol was being built in Washington, DC. Independence Hall is the building where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were debated and adopted.

Independence Hall

Our next day trip was to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Wow! A resort city known for its casinos, boardwalk and beaches. We enjoyed a stroll along the boardwalk with the waves crashing on the beach beside us – it was really beautiful. There are arcades and amusement rides and shopping and casinos . . . it was awesome!

We didn’t get to spend as much time in New Jersey as we had hoped and would definitely come back here again, especially to Atlantic City!

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