The End

The final leg of this epic journey, at our final RV Park, for our final adventure!

Our final campsite 😞

We spent a few nights in Canmore, Alberta for the sole purpose of cycling a path we’ve wanted to do for years, The Legacy Trail. Sorry Minnesota, but we may now have a new favourite bike path!

The paved path runs from Canmore to Banff, with the majestic Rocky Mountains as the backdrop.

We cycled the 27 kms / 17 miles from our campsite in Canmore to the Banff Springs Hotel, had a wonderful lunch, then cycled back. It was spectacular and an absolutely amazing end to an amazing adventure.

The Banff Springs Hotel

Of course, as far as bike paths go, we can’t leave out our local, amazing path in Kelowna – The Okanagan Rail Trail – it is wonderful also and absolutely stunning, especially riding along Kalamalka Lake, but it’s not paved the entire way. 😉

Next stop, Kelowna!

We’re home!

146 days later, we drove 30,140.5 kms / 18,728.4 miles and now the circle is complete! Here’s the map we had on the back of Monty, which caused many drivers to slow down so they could get a better look at it!

Our Amazing Adventure! This map is on the back left corner of Monty.

⁃ We went through 34 States (plus Washington, DC) and 9 Provinces.

Our Route – the circle is complete!

In all our years of travel, we have now been to 45 States and are only missing Kansas, Kentucky, Alabama, Missouri and South Carolina . . . . looks like we need to do another road trip! 🤪 In Canada, we have now been to all 10 Provinces and the Yukon, so are only missing the North West Territories and Nunavut.

⁃ We burned through 1522 Gallons of diesel. On a side note, not all gas stations sell diesel, and in a few States, it was actually hard to find.

⁃ Had the truck serviced 3 times.

⁃ Camped at 46 different RV Parks. We tended to stay mostly at KOA’s when available. They were easy to book online, always had a 10% discount, and after so many stays we had accumulated enough points to get several nights free. 👍

⁃ Our average cost for a campsite per night was about $60 Canadian.

⁃ Found the worst traffic was in Seattle, Maryland (Washington DC), Boston and Toronto.

⁃ Biggest frustration . . . texting drivers!!! Even though it’s illegal pretty well everywhere, that doesn’t stop anyone. So, if you drive, please don’t text, put on makeup, shave, read a book, or text and read a book!! Yes, we saw that too. 🙄

⁃ Witnessed one horrific traffic accident but thankfully only had 2 sort of close calls ourselves. The first was on day one in Seattle – a girl texting in the far left lane realized she needed to exit in the right lane, so crossed 5 lanes over without looking 😳. We found out our rig can stop pretty quickly! The second was in New York as we were about to cross the George Washington Bridge – we went from 12 lanes to 4 😬 and people were cutting in really close . . .Monty came an inch from losing his bumper!! We think that’s pretty awesome for so many miles on the road.

⁃ We did a lot of our grocery shopping at Walmart. The prices were good and the parking lots always had room for Monty. 😉

⁃ We bought water to drink as we were never quite sure of the quality at the campsites, plus, it was extremely inexpensive – we could pick up a gallon of water for 89 cents and 24 bottles for $2.

⁃ We felt very safe everywhere, but were a bit uncomfortable in the States that allow ‘open carry’ weapons. A bit unsettling to walk through Walmart and see several people with guns at their waist. 😕

⁃ Internet at most campsites was poor or nonexistent. When in the US, we were able to use the hotspot on our phone, which worked well, but once in Canada, we were very limited.

⁃ Not many campsites had cable for TV, but we have a satellite and so were able to watch Directv most of the time, as long as trees weren’t blocking our signal.

⁃ Listened to at least 30 podcasts and hours of comedy shows

⁃ The best purchase we made for Monty was the washer and dryer! It was so nice to not have to use the facilities at the campsites.

⁃ The second best purchase was new electric recliners 😁 And, there is so much storage in the 5th wheel that we had enough room to bring home the old recliners!

Happy Camper 😁

Thank you so much to the 300+ of you that have been following along with us on this crazy adventure! Your encouragement, messages, texts, emails and phone calls were greatly appreciated and meant more than you’ll ever know. 🥰. We met so many wonderful people, experienced places we’ve only dreamt about, enjoyed places we’d never heard of but are so glad we found, laughed more than should be legal 🤪 and just enjoyed every moment!

There are always more adventures to come, but that’s it for this one.

Cheers, Henry and Joanne

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

25 thoughts on “The End”

  1. Thank you, Henry and Joanne, for the fun adventures via this blog!! I’m so glad we met up with you on the New River Trail in Galax/Fries, VA!! Sure hope you have a blessed Fall season! Donovan and Joyce

    On Fri, Aug 30, 2019 at 8:26 AM Adventures With Henry and Joanne wrote:

    > hojoadventures posted: ” The final leg of this epic journey, at our final > RV Park, for our final adventure! Our final campsite [image: 😞] We spent > a few nights in Canmore, Alberta for the sole purpose of cycling a path > we’ve wanted to do for years, The Legacy Trail. Sorry Minnesot” >

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  2. Whoo hoo! Home at last. Another epic journey under your belts. So glad we could share it with you via these excellent posts and photos. Many thanks for the vicarious travel thrills. Welcome home!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Henry and Joanne, thank you so much for the posts, I enjoyed your trip with you and am glad that you arrived safely back in Kelowna. How amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Awesome! Thanks for allowing us to share your adventure. Well done! Love your recap. So informative. Hugs 💕 glad you are back safe and sound: John and Dot

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for following along but also you and John inspire us as you two are always finding beauty wherever you travel. Maybe we’ll bump into you on a future Road Trip

      Hugs and Love, Henry & Joie


  5. Omg Joanne and Henry. I have enjoyed reading about your journey so much. Glad you are home safe and sound. Cant wait to read about your next journey. Think den and I are going to start looking for bikes to start some bike trips. Care to join?😊

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You both know how to win at life! Thank you for sharing it! A pure delight! We look forward to seeing you in Molokai. All your friends are also welcome to come visit anytime! Love Monk 250 228-6648

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for following and we are glad you enjoyed it!
      Joanne did an amazing job translating our daily life into words.
      We are back on Molokai in November we’ll see you then.

      Love, Henry & Joie


    1. What an amazing adventure you guys went on. So good to be along for the ride as we looked forward to each new post. We are grateful that you made it safely across the many miles and had a lot of fun doing it. Looking forward to your next grand adventure. Love you tons.

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