Family Time in California

We arrived to the San Francisco Bay Area, after what seemed like a very long, dreary, wet drive! It poured rain so hard that at times the road was barely visible! But the sun finally did come out, and we had some beautiful views of the coast.

Just about to cross the Golden Gate Bridge

We pulled in to the Half Moon Bay RV Park, and within minutes, our son Joseph and daughter-in-law Hannah, were there to greet us! We got all set up then went into the quaint town of Half Moon Bay for a wonderful Italian dinner and visit. The kids live in Sunnyvale, which is part of Silicon Valley and about 40 minutes away from where we’re parked. They both work in Palo Alto.

The town of Half Moon Bay

Friday morning we awoke to a very rainy, miserable day, which was absolutely perfect for a trip to a museum!

We spent hours at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. It was funded by Bill Gates and brings computer history to life and shows the ongoing impact of computing on society. It was really interesting and amazing to see how far computers have come.

Hannah and Joseph

After we closed down the museum, we went out for dinner then a visit with our Grandkitties!

Saturday, the weather cleared enough for us to go for a nice walk along the coast in Half Moon Bay. We walked more than 4 miles and ended up in town for a late lunch and a stop at the bakery 😎 It was a great day!

Sunday, unfortunately Hannah had to work, so it was just us with Joseph! We needed a few things for Monty and had some shopping to do, so it was errand day.

No trip is complete without a stop at Home Depot

We went to Santana Row in San Jose, which is a beautiful outdoor mall. The parkade has at least 50 stalls dedicated to Tesla drivers so they can charge their cars while they shop!

One of these is not like the others!

We had so much fun spending time with Joseph and Hannah, and it’s really hard to say goodbye, but we must continue our adventure!

Mother and Son 💕


As per usual, we had a ton of fun and laughs with Frank and Liz 🤪 Food, shopping and touring beautiful Olympia.

On Eld Inlet, but Mt. Rainier is hiding behind the clouds

Did you knew that the Capital of Washington State is Olympia, not Seattle? Lucky for us, Frank and Liz are both former employees of the State and used to work at the Capital Building! So, not only did we have a private tour, we got the inside scoop on everything!

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and the grounds were absolutely beautiful.

Apparently, so many people were rubbing the nose of George Washington for good luck, that they had to rope him off and you can only take a photo of him now!

George Washington

While wandering the halls of the Capital Building, we had a chance encounter with a High School buddy of Adam Sandler, and they played in a band together! We consider that our celebrity sighting, since we didn’t get to rub George Washington’s nose 😎

The actual sign we saw while driving through Oregon!

We are currently in Ashland, Oregon on our way to California to spend the weekend with Joseph and Hannah in Half Moon Bay.

As we drove through Oregon

And . . . We’re Off!

Our new adventure has begun! It was a beautiful, Spring morning as we left Kelowna to start our journey.

Goodbye Kelowna!

One of our first priorities was to see how big we really are. Turns out all is good and we should make it under most bridges! 👍

The Tunnel Of Love 💕

We also had a chance to pull up next to a semi to compare our heights – apparently we’re shorter, but not by that much!

Height is good, but it looks like we need a bigger truck!

The truck did handle Monty very well and had no problem through the mountains on the Coquihalla Highway. Such stunning scenery on a gorgeous day. And excitement – we saw a young bull moose running along the game fence beside the highway!

Beautiful British Columbia

We made it through the Canada 🇨🇦 USA 🇺🇸 Border with no problems 🤪 and continued all the way to Olympia, Washington. It was a long day but we are now settled at Little Creek Casino RV Resort, which is very close to the home of our friends, Frank and Liz. Now it’s time for fun and laughs before we carry on.

Total distance today – 624km/388miles

Road Trip!

Well, we’re off on another adventure and felt this one just might be blog worthy.

Road Trip!!

The route is simple. South, East, North, West 🤪 

We have no real time limit, other than we should touch back in Canada by July 1st. The majority of the time will be spent on the East Coast of the USA and then we’ll work our way back across Canada.

Our home away from home is a 5th Wheel. We have a 2017 Montana High Country that measures 35 feet front to back, with 3 slide-outs, King bed, fireplace, 2 TV’s and even a washer/dryer . . . . we won’t be roughing it 😉  

We have named it ‘Monty’!

We are towing Monty with our 2015 GMC 3500 HD Denali truck, so should have enough power!

We’d love for you to follow us as we begin our journey soon! 


Henry (One and Only Driver) and Joanne (Navigator, but let’s be honest, GPS will be doing most of the work!)